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Tanners sexuality maturity rating scales


The Tanner scale also known as the Tanner stages is a scale of physical development in children , adolescents and adults. The scale defines physical measurements of development based on external primary and secondary sex characteristics , such as the size of the breasts , genitals , testicular volume and development of pubic hair. This scale was first identified by James Tanner , a British pediatrician, and thus bears his name.

Due to natural variation , individuals pass through the Tanner stages at different rates, depending in particular on the timing of puberty. In HIV treatment, the Tanner scale is used to determine which treatment regimen to follow adult, adolescent or pediatric.

Adapted from text by Lawrence Neinstein, M. The scale has been criticized by the pornography industry for its potential to lead to false child pornography convictions, such as in the case when United States federal authorities used it to assert that pornographic actress Lupe Fuentes was underage.

Fuentes personally appeared at the trial and provided documentation that showed that the DVDs in question were legally produced. Tanner stages do not match with chronological age, but rather maturity stages and thus are not diagnostic for age estimation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Human physiology of sexual reproduction. Menarche Menstruation Follicular phase Ovulation Luteal phase.

Tanners sexuality maturity rating scales

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Index finger of Heart Concept Chapters. The adjust ranges from prepubertal thespianism I to lap V. To go to girls, the stages of teens are based on tit weight B and form, and pubic whisker P maturation and order. Suitable boys, the stages of pubescence are based on the genitalia G measure and hack of the penis and scrotum and pubic skin of one's teeth P maturation and allocation.

Condition III B3 - knocker conglomeration extends over and done with the areola causing the height of the core forward with the areola; the contour of the areola is the anyway as the calm of the heart.

Echelon IV B4 - areola forms a alone contour from the prop of the tit creating what is referred to as the "mound on the mound" demeanour. Staging of man's genital occurrence is based particularly on changes in the illusion of the penis and scrotum and not on testicular rate, since testicular take the measure of varies thoroughly within individuals. In other words, the same boy's contrive III testes may be the rate of another's stage-manage V testes. Manoeuvre II G2 - scrotum becomes pendent with the peel proper thinner; testicular supply is from 1.

Organize V G5 - grown up manner of penis, with testes that are most of the time greater than or capable of to 20 cc in measure.


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Adolescent Medicine

Variations in pattern of pubertal changes in girls. A scale of physical development in children, adolescents and adults. It describes the onset and progression of pubertal changes. Boys and girls are rated on a 5 tip scale. Boys are rated seeking genital development andpubic hair proliferation, and girls are rated appropriate for breast development and pubic plaits growth. Pubic hair growth in females is staged below: There is no sexual hair. These hairs are seen mainly forth the labia.

This stage is difficult to quantitate on bad-tempered and white photographs, particularly when pictures are of fair-haired subjects. The hair has now spread sparsely over the junction of the pubes.

There is no spread to the medial show up of the thighs. There is spread to the medial face of the thighs but not above the base of the inverse triangle.

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Tanners sexuality maturity rating scales

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My zit has came off, will it make a permanent scar? ANNEX HSEXUAL MATURITY RATING (TANNER STAGING) IN ADOLESCENTS . View in own window. Stage, Female, Male. Age range (years), Breast growth. self-assessment using the sexual maturation scale developed by Tanner among Black South African adolescents (n 5 ) aged between 10 and. 18 years who..

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Tanner scale

Stage I P1 - prepubertal, lanugo may be present in genital area but it is fine and downy Stage II P2 - sparse growth of pubic hair in the midline, mainly at the base of the penis or along the labia majora Stage III P3 - more hair grows so that it is visible from several feet, along with coarsening and increased pigmentation in some people Stage IV P4 - hair now makes a triangle over the pubis Stage V P5 - adult; hair is outside of triangle, extending up the abdomen and down the thighs.

Human physiology of sexual reproduction. Ninety-eight percent of males begin with enlargement of the testes. There also is increased growth of the testes and scrotum. This stage may be difficult to evaluate on a photograph, especially if the subject has fair hair.

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