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Feedback from Audace significato yahoo dating Audience. Guitar, Spanish and electric are outstanding and the flute and violin pieces are truly beautiful.

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The arrangements are rich and diverse: Rodulfo himself plays Audace significato yahoo dating and electric guitars, bass and mandolin but he calls on twelve other excellent musicians to assist in unfolding his sonic visions. A superior guitar playing technique and an impressive intellectual approach to music from a sure well-informed musician.

He has a very classical background and a clever intellectual approach to music. Listening to his music is actually like 'to live a dream', an intense and multicoloured dream, so well represented by Peter Rodulfo's paintings.

An impressive work, which I can only recommend. Raimundo Rodulfo composes heavy symphonic songs, which sound typically South American. Melodic weight and deep poetry are just as related to Italian Prog. He has a style that makes it tempting to compare him with the dimensions of Steve Howe and Steve Hackett, but at the same time his music has a very distinctive Latin American style. But very quickly, breaks the electric guitar and the tone is progressive, so take notes Audace significato yahoo dating Mike Oldfield, Steve Hackett and Carlos Santana ha!

Course, always the Hispanic side The Venezuelan guitarist Raimundo Rodulfo is one of them Amazing Audace significato yahoo dating fretting and phrasing. The compositions together form an all instrumental that one listens upper Audace significato yahoo dating down, from beginning to end. In this true 'musical cauldron' exists a mixture of tecno music, Andean music and generous doses of progressive rock, whose result is a sound with proper identity, filled with a pallette of peculiar instruments.

The European public, mainly the Italian one, must not to ignore this Artist! It is absolutely criminal that Audace significato yahoo dating work is not widely known and recognized for its extraordinary quality. Anyone who claims to be a Audace significato yahoo dating of symphonic progressive rock absolutely MUST check out his work, as it is absolutely phenomenal.

A fantastic artistic impression that does not Audace significato yahoo dating to overwhelm you with its multi-colored diversity. Beautiful instrumentation can be found throughout especially in the guitar playing which goes from classical to flamenco to rock within a few moments. The Latino Mike Oldfield. With an absolute mastery of the six strings in any of its many forms, Raimundo shelled a powerful musical machine full of emotion and feeling, which develops through languid and meandering soundscapes, this very great symphonic music full of roots, to which we are used to.

The technical style of Rodulfo betrays a visceral passion for neo-classicism, but the entire Audace significato yahoo dating is influenced by groups as Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield and Genesis. Venezuelan Raimundo Rodulfo is one of this kind. I have to put the name Raimundo Rodulfo behind my ear.

Furthermore, mood and tempo changes make for a significant Audace significato yahoo dating of variety and playful vitality. And that is the case of this Venezuelan guitarist that would deserve a greater awareness from a public that now seems to have lost the desire to seek what is worthy among the tides of groups that this world continue to propose. Author of a great job such as "Mare et Terra", which shows everything that is good in both his guitar and compositional technique, Raimundo is one of those musicians that should be known outside the small niche of fans that listens to innovations in the progressive field.

Great instrumental prowess with a wonderful band! God bless you Raimundo. For a Western European the music of Raimundo Rodulfo seemed to be very complex, but on the other hand you know that he is Audace significato yahoo dating something really special. Just in the extended instrumental work, is recognized the parallel to the best time of Premiata Audace significato yahoo dating Marconi Since Raimundo understands much about filigree music architecture, he will bring the PFM community to ecstasy.

Joined by many guest musicians his style reminds us in some aspects to Steve Hackett. The six-strings take the leading part of course, in a style at the Audace significato yahoo dating time melodic and dishevelled.

The jazz-rock or classic influences are perfectly assimilated, within an exotic and coloured musical vortex. The way he plays Audace significato yahoo dating acoustic guitar began to make us try to count his fingers therefore with five in each hand seemed impossible to do. Audace significato yahoo dating was impressive, the Chamber Music conjunction with Rock derived in a full concert of virtuosity not only his but of his companions. Therefore well, Raimundo belongs to Audace significato yahoo dating caste of guitarists.

He can pass naturally from the acoustic to the electric guitar and in both his technique is irreproachable. The guitars sometimes allow vague hints of Audace significato yahoo dating traditional South American style, but all of them skilfully hidden amongst traditional prog passages and rock riffs.

Rodulfo is progressive without being endeavored to be it, without to enclose himself in the artificial limitations that some musicians impose to themselves. I don't find any purpose in to resemble anybody and on the other hand I see a personal development, so much in his roles on the acoustic guitar and on the electric one. As a composer Audace significato yahoo dating takes charge of to make rock, baroque music, Venezuelan folk tradition and a jazzy ingredient visibly present in his work.

The incorporation of flute, harp and violin besides the traditional rock instruments, is enricher of his work. I have got pleasantly impressed by this music. I could not have asked for a better band to renew my faith in music This was a band full of Audace significato yahoo dating and passion. A band that without pretentiousness plowed the fertile ground of Audace significato yahoo dating and rock.

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Raimundo, while very much a soloist, integrated well all the various aspects and Audace significato yahoo dating of such a large band Musician since very young age, he has a great influence from Steve Hackett specially on the classic guitar and some Fripp-like touches.

Raimundo has created a very personal sound, even reaching and penetrating the music of a contemporary cut. Great compositional level, a very high technical level, with excellent sound quality. The enrapt audience, by the action of the band, did not finish to admire to each one of the members and especially to the leader, who handled electric guitars as well Audace significato yahoo dating acoustic, causing that it seemed as they were one more extremity of his body.

But not only Raimundo was impeccable, all the band also showed a great level. The quality of this progressive rock group with tendencies to jazz fusion and folk hints truly made feel itself. Likewise, the handle of the classical guitar, makes evident the academic formation of this young artist. It was all a pleasing discovery to know that Audace significato yahoo dating of this type are being done in Venezuela.

Raimundo Rodulfo who stunned the crowd into complete awe with talent that could only come from the heavens treated with nurturing care by it's holder. Rodulfo's work requires listening, not description and I wholeheartedly insist that you peruse his website Audace significato yahoo dating an excursion through greatness. Have you ever been to a concert and become so overwhelmed with emotion that you couldn't move? I Audace significato yahoo dating everyone to have a go through this amazing gentleman's website and listen - truly listen to the music, because it's much more than played notes, chords and tones.

I was privileged to see Mr. Rodulfo in concert last night and was awed by an Audace significato yahoo dating significato yahoo dating sense of a joyous artist at work, bringing his soul to the forefront on stage. Incredible and Fascinating work. A clear influence from Steve Howe in some moments The band that plays with him is really good! Progressive Rock of classical symphony orchestra tendency in a great spectrum of performing.

Frankly they have kept me truly amazed for the great quality of his work. And there is a South American folk touch that is never out of order. The Audace significato yahoo dating downloadable concert releases from his web site are optimal His work is recent, but he has already developed a style that allows to put him among the great Audace significato yahoo dating of Progressive Rock in Venezuela.

The recording is well done. I liked that Audace significato yahoo dating guitar was much different than anything else I've ever heard.

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Raimundo really has a beautiful tone" "I love the classical feel. Guitar solo is Audace significato yahoo dating. Reminds me of the band Kansas. The Drummer is capable and the meter is solid.

Overall you can tell these guys are excellent musicians. I truly think the guitar is Audace significato yahoo dating beautiful" "You really have incredible soul and style You have wonderful emotion Audace significato yahoo dating groove that is so impressive in my point of view. You have a wonderful creativity and style Raimundo has a good sounding voice.

Your music is very bright and focused structure wise. He made a conceptual work as good as any other work from around the world.

One of the best musicians nowadays, able to amuse anybody, able to concentrate beauty, ambient, good music and a great story in the same show. You are at the same level of any of the great masters of the genre.

Audace significato yahoo dating is one of the concerts I enjoyed the most at BajaProg. How exciting is to watch the video. I wish you come back with your group to play at another BajaProg! As of today I keep enjoying your music. Keep up the good work " " I am a great fan of your amazing guitar playing! I was Audace significato yahoo dating blown away when I for the first time heard your guitar work!

Is an honor for me to have a collegue whose works are so interesting, expressive and varguardist " " Highly excellent Audace significato yahoo dating Please keep up the great work We are all Audace significato yahoo dating with your music " " Excellent site Excellent performer " " I love your Audace significato yahoo dating

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