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Breaking up over money issues and dating


What's new New posts Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Would you ever break up with someone over money? Thread starter Peltz Start date Nov 1, Status Not open for further replies. Peltz Member Nov 1, I sort of feel like I'm in a weird situation. I love my girlfriend: We have tons of stuff in common and always have a blast together.

Most importantly, she understands me completely and I really could tell her anything. But there's a really sad Breaking up over money issues and dating unfortunate reality that I'm facing: Although I'm not going to give exact figures, there's a giant disparity in terms of income levels i. I earn about 6 times her salary. Moreover, she's in tremendous debt from student loans Breaking up over money issues and dating figures with no concrete plan of action to pay it off.

She has no desire to go back to school to enhance her job prospects and I feel like Breaking up over money issues and dating isn't really "going" anywhere. Today, I told her about these feelings and Breaking up over money issues and dating that as much as I love her, I don't feel like it would be possible to take the next step with her to start a family together due to these financial problems.

Understandably upset, she asked that we stay together while she figures things out and I agreed to help her look for job opportunities.

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But part of me feels like, she's not really going to change. She is who she is She doesn't have that drive to be a breadwinner in her own right and that's always something I've considered to be important in a mate. Anyway, seeing her cry today during our talk about this totally broke my heart.

Am I shallow to contemplate ending the relationship over finances and her not having a concrete plan for her future?

So what's a money issue...

Acorn Member Nov 1, You're not shallow if you are considering a more serious commitment. Money is extremely important in terms of making a shared life work. It sounds like she's lost hope about her situation.

Money problems in a relationship...

Hard to say what can help her honestly. But she sounds like she's in a funk. B-Dubs No Scrubs Nov 1, Honestly, if everything else worked I wouldn't really care about the money thing.

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Amory Member Nov 1, Zombine Banned Nov 1, Please end it, because then she'll be able to find someone who doesn't sound like Patrick Bateman.

I know a dozen people with the same student loan issues. It sucks the fuckin life out of you and the last thing she probably needs is this kind of stress. Work with her on a level where it doesn't feel like she's getting more stress thrown on top of her already existing problems.

Let her find her own way. Thebeardofknowledge Banned Nov 1, Seesaw15 Member Nov 1, She sounds too good for you. Do her a favor and end it.

Maybe Breaking up over money issues and dating more complicated but Breaking up over money issues and dating what you wrote in the OP you sound pretty shallow. My ex broke up with me over Breaking up over money issues and Breaking up over money issues and dating and I fucking hate her guts so Don't do it OP. Admiral Woofington Member Nov 1, In high school i broke up with a girl because she lived in Breaking up over money issues and dating middle of nowhere and didn't have a car so I'd have to pick her up and I was a teen with barely enough money to hang out, having to spend that much on gas was a no no.

CarpeDeezNutz Member Nov 1, On the real though, my wife does not work and it's not really a factor for me. Yaboosh Super Sleuth Nov 1, If she isn't bad with money, and I made enough for the both of us, then no, that wouldn't be a reason I would break up with somebody. But somebody who is irresponsible with money is a deal breaker. Opto Member Nov 1, Unless her economics affect yours, like she expects you to pay for her stuff and loans, I find it kinda silly.

It honestly sounds like everything is perfect and if you keep focusing on money, you're going to regret it later. Wagram Member Nov 1, If you truly love a Breaking up over money issues and dating I don't see why money should come between you. It's not like she's not trying and is mooching off of you. Financial incompatibilities are definitely a thing in relationships. Income vs spending patterns, attitudes towards money and expectations from life definitely needs to be considered.

BigMastadon Member Nov 1, I feel like I'm in the same boat but flipped. This girl I've been talking to for a year or so now makes k a year maybe more as she is a funeral home director while I am unemployed. She's said time and time again that she's in it for the long haul but I still feel worthless because I can't bring anything to the table. I have like k in student loan debt and really don't have much to show for.

To her it's not a big deal and I believe that. She could've stopped talking to me awhile ago if it was an issue. I don't ask her for money or anything so that's not even in play.

Money problems in a relationship...

If you really love her then you two will find a way to make it work. It's not easy but it can work. Sub Boss Member Nov 1, She seems to love you, and like you said, she is part of the reason you are the person you are now. Its Up to you, but consider her and your feelings first, money is not the reason you should split Up. Now if you want her to improve with education or a better job, there are better ways to tell that without making her cry.

Jeffolation Member Nov 1, Money seems to be important to you so just make more of it. Evo Shandor Member Nov 1, I would never break up with someone over money, but it sounds like money is not the problem but instead you think of her as a lazy aimless person and don't really respect her. Breaking up over money issues and dating that case, do her a favor and break up because you will never truly care for her and you value people for their ability to earn.

Has she thought about getting professional help, Peltz? She sounds like a great person. She may just feel stuck and overwhelmed with her loan debt and seemingly stalled career. That could be killing her confidence and leading to a vicious cycle. Prologue Member Nov 1, I'd wait it out if Breaking up over money issues and dating was by your side during tough times.

I'd wear protection though. But thats Breaking up over money issues and dating me being paranoid. Prez Member Nov 1, I don't think you're shallow for it but it seems to suggest you don't really love her and not necessarily for that reason.

Or you really do love her and you have certain expectations she does not meet. If I got along really well with someone I probably wouldn't mind. On another note, I don't think I could be with someone who feels the Breaking up over money issues and dating to spend a lot Breaking up over money issues and dating money of luxury goods. Haeleos Member Nov 1, If this ultimatum was your first attempt at offering guidance or telling her that you feel this waythen Breaking up over money issues and dating, you are shallow.

I would Breaking up over money issues and dating up if they were doing unethical things with money or pooled money. Or being controlling with my earned money. If she's making payments on her loans, supporting herself and chipping in a percentage I wouldn't break up with that person for not making enough money.

Make sure she puts herself on an income based repayment plan if they're federal loans. As someone whose relationship with Breaking up over money issues and dating dad was ruined by consigned good standing student loans, I'm really sensitive to people making me feel bad over how much money I make. It is one of the worst feelings and you begin to feel like a slave to that person.

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What's new New posts Latest operation. For a better experience, desire enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Would you all the time break up with someone beyond money? Thread starter Peltz Start date Nov 1, Significance Not open for further replies. Peltz Member Nov 1, I sort of feel commensurate I'm in a weird predicament.

I love my girlfriend: We have tons of stuff in common and always have a blast together. Most importantly, she understands me completely and I really could tell her anything. But there's a really calamitous and unfortunate reality that I'm facing: Although I'm not growing to give exact figures, there's a giant disparity in terms of income levels i.

I earn about 6 times her salary.

Breaking up over money issues and dating

I remember one of the things she talked about upon first meeting him was how they were on the same page with their financial goals, and she felt secure, confident, and excited to pressurize by his side to meet both of their several and shared dreams.

That said, not everyone is fortunate enough to collect someone with whom they feel so financially comfortable. After that trust and mutual assurance that the other lad is going to be level-headed with money, it can be difficult to make plans fitting for your future.

Representing example, just the other day I came across that Reddit thread where one guy reached out to the Reddit community by reason of support. He had just discovered his girlfriend had racked up 20k in credit card tally, and admitted that he felt departed when he cogitation about how he should deal with the newfound monetary strain on his relationship.

When my then-boyfriend ended our relationship, I never expected him to say it was because I was too star-crossed. There are prevalent reasons he could have given seeking breaking up: The spark was gone. He was no longer attracted to me.

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What would be your reaction? Recently, a friend of mine got engaged to the guy she's been dating for the last few “Actually, I was the one who go broken up with for being a bit of a problems arose with regard to each of our money situations rather than. I love my girlfriend: she's stuck by me through thick and thin this year as I struggled in my I know a dozen people with the same student loan issues. My ex broke up with me over money and I fucking hate her guts so..

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Breaking up over money issues and dating

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Breaking up over money issues and dating

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