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Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating


Aimee Teegarden and Thomas McDonell are a bit of an odd couple. Teegarden Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating, at 21, already a consummate media professional. An actor in film and television from the age of 14, she recently spent Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating very big years of her young life living in Austin while filming the critically beloved NBC series Friday Night Lightscurrently airing its fifth and final season.

But ironically, playing a teenager for five years meant she had to miss high school herself. McDonell, on the other hand, is new at this. It seems like big things are in store for him. But for now, he is brooding through his exhaustion.

When Teegarden and McDonell sat down with Spinning Platters, they were in the midst of a rigorous Prom promotional blitz.

She was chipper and excitable, sitting bolt upright in her chair while wearing a cute fitted blazer, tight jeans, and tall Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating heels. McDonell, on the other hand, looked like the 1 suspect on a potential school shooter list: The two of them shared the resigned and cordial air of young kids stuck in the publicity trenches together. In PromTeegarden plays a girl named Nova ugh, I knowa bustling and goal-oriented young woman who seems to be functioning as a one-woman prom committee.

Nova talks about prom with the wide-eyed zeal and enthusiasm Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating a newly converted religious fanatic. She projects onto it the same strange idealism that Love Actually gave to Christmas. Things start to change for Nova when her precious prom decorations are destroyed in a fire, at which point bad boy Jesse McDonell is punitively assigned to help her rebuild them and get prom back on track.

Initially they dislike each other, but you can probably guess what happens from there. One of the things I enjoyed about your performances in Prom was that, on paper, these characters could have just come across as types: As actors, how did you approach your characters to elevate them beyond that? We all knew that girl who was cute and driven and had college on the mind and tried Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating be friends with everybody.

She kinda misjudges everyone. The studio and the director and the Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating and the writer of the script, everyone was pretty committed to making the characters more than just those types you described.

So in a way, that made it easy Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating me to do. The stuff was, to a certain extent, on the page. The reveals with the characters were there, and so as long as Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating performance was in keeping with what was on the page, we were okay.

Couple Comparison

They wanted the types to exist, but they also wanted to explode them. One of, if not the most, important themes of the film is things not being the way that they seem at first. To Jesse, Nova seems totally superficial. And the other way around: Were there any characters in particular you wanted to pay homage to? Not one in particular. As for an homage, it was more about having an overall consistent tone than the specifics of the characters. But not as intense. To be honest with you guys, it came up like: A lot of people got their start doing Disney movies like that, right?

Aimee, I have to ask you about Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating 4. I was at the premiere the Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating night, and it was Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating crazy. The fandemonium or whatever Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating wanna call it, it was really overwhelming.

Those movies have trained me to fear large crowds where people are wearing that mask. So, your role in this film puts you in a special place in movie history: But I was really excited to work on it! Originally when I got the part, like, nobody got a script, or at least not a complete script.

Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating was always constantly changing. It was on triple goldenrod pages by the time I got out there. Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating on set it was like, do you learn your lines or do you not learn your lines? Are they gonna change? Then I went back to Michigan for five pages of reshoots to the scene.

Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell...

Well, they added the whole second half, the, uh…other Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating [trails off nervously]. We can talk about it! Yeah, from the garage, and a little further back from that. It was about four months between actually shooting and then going back and adding more scenes. It was a big change in weather, just to start out with! It was a real house in the real cold Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating the real snow outside!

And then we had to shut down the production because Michigan had its biggest blizzard in twenty years or something like that. But the whole thing was such a fun experience. What was it like as an actor, spending so much time with the same character? I got to grow with Julie and change as a person. We started out with ten principal cast members, and there were only so many minutes in an episode to cram everyone in.

But in the end it was down Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating three regular series cast members [Teegarden, Kyle Chandler, and Connie Britton], so I got a Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating of story lines and really got to develop the complexities of being female and young and trying to figure out who you are and the struggles you go through.

The big thing about Friday Night Lights is you never see anything being judged. I want you to be happy and enjoy it.

Thomas McDonell & Aimee Teegarden

So how important is it to pick diverse roles that suit your identity as an actor? And yes, you want to diversify to prevent yourself from getting typecast. More Posts - Twitter. Omg all the girls are so ugly in Prop the main ugly 1 is the blonde with brown eyes yuck its sopossed to be blonde and blue eyes duh but she is so lucky Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating be in the part with Thomas Mcdonell the hottie with the long brown hair and brown Aimee teegarden e thomas mcdonell dating yummy he gourgous with long hair.

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