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Technical term for oral sex


Oral sexsometimes referred to as oral intercourseis sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another person Technical term for oral sex the mouth including the lips, tongue or teeth or throat. Cunnilingus is oral sex performed on female genitals, while fellatio Technical term for oral sex oral sex performed on a penis.

Oral sex may be performed as foreplay to incite sexual arousal before Technical term for oral sex sexual activities such as vaginal or anal intercourse[1] [3] or as an erotic and physically intimate act in its own right. However, the transmission risk for oral sex, especially HIV transmission, is significantly lower than for vaginal or anal sex.

Oral sex Technical term for oral sex often regarded as taboo[1] but most countries do not have laws which ban the practice. Commonly, Technical term for oral sex do not regard oral sex as affecting the virginity Technical term for oral sex either partner, though opinions on the matter vary.

Oral sex may be practiced by people of any sexual orientation. Facesitting is a form of oral sex in which the receiver sits on the giver's face and pushes into it with his or her genitals.

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Oral sex can also be performed by both partners at the same time Technical term for oral sex the so-called "sixty-nine" position. Autofellatio is a possible but rare variant; autocunnilingus may also be possible for women with extremely flexible spines. An act of group sex restricted to one woman giving oral sex to several men is referred Technical term for oral sex as a gangsuckblowbang or lineupall derivatives of the slang term gang bang for group sex.

Bukkake and gokkun may also involve oral sex. Oral sex is commonly used as a means of preserving virginityespecially among heterosexual pairings; this is sometimes termed technical virginity which additionally includes anal sexmutual masturbation and other non-penetrative sex acts, but excludes penile-vaginal sex.

Oral sex alone cannot result in pregnancy and heterosexual couples may perform oral sex as their method of contraception. In humans, there is no connection between Technical term for oral sex gastrointestinal system and the reproductive system[nb 1] and sperm ingested by the woman would be killed and broken down by acids in her stomach and proteins in the small intestine.

The breakdown products are then absorbed as a negligible quantity of nutrients. However, there is a potential risk of pregnancy if semen comes in contact with the vaginal area in some way, such as semen in the ejaculate finding its way onto fingers, hands, or other body parts, which then comes in contact with the vaginal area.

Oral sex is not necessarily an effective method of preventing sexually transmitted infections STIsalthough some forms of STIs are believed to be less commonly spread in this way, Technical term for oral sex oral sex has been recommended as a form of safe sex. Oral sex should be limited to the protected areas.

A makeshift Technical term for oral sex dam can be made out of a Technical term for oral sex [22] or a latex or nitrile glove[23] but using a real dental dam is seen as preferable; this is because real dental dams cover a larger area, avoid accidents caused by "slipping" outside the covered area, and avoid the risk that makeshift versions may be accidentally damaged or poked with the scissors during the cutting procedure.

Plastic wrap may also be used as a barrier during Technical term for oral sex sex, but there exists no conclusive scientific research regarding how effective it may or may not be at preventing disease transmission.

Certain kinds of plastic wrap are manufactured to be microwaveable and are designed to have pores that open when heated, but there also exists no scientific research on what effect, if any, this has on disease transmission when Technical term for oral sex during oral sex.

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A report issued Technical term for oral sex September by the National Center for Health Statistics was the basis of an article in the September 26, issue of Time magazine. The report comes from the results of a computer-administered survey of over 12, Americans between the ages of Technical term for oral sex and 44, and states that over half the teenagers questioned have had oral sex.

While some headlines have interpreted this as evidence Technical term for oral sex oral sex among teenagers is "on the rise", this was the first comprehensive study of its kind to Technical term for oral sex the matter. Chlamydiahuman papillomavirus HPVgonorrheaherpeshepatitis multiple strainsand other sexually transmitted infections STIscan be transmitted through oral sex.

Risk of STI infection, however, is generally considered significantly lower for oral sex than for vaginal or anal sex, with HIV transmission considered the lowest risk with regard to oral sex. There is an increased risk of STI transmission if the receiving partner has wounds on his or her genitals, or if the giving partner has wounds or open sores on or in his or Technical term for oral sex mouth, or bleeding gums.

Because of the aforementioned factors, medical sources advise the use of condoms or Technical term for oral sex effective barrier methods when performing or receiving oral sex with a partner whose Technical term for oral sex status is unknown.

Links have been reported between oral sex and oral cancer with human papillomavirus HPV -infected people. The study found that 36 percent of the cancer patients had HPV compared to only 1 percent of the healthy control group.

Another study in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests a correlation between oral sex and throat cancer. It is believed that this is due to the transmission of HPV, a virus that has been implicated in the majority of cervical cancers and which Technical term for oral sex been detected in throat cancer tissue in numerous studies. The study concludes that people who had one to five oral sex partners in their lifetime had approximately a doubled risk of throat cancer compared with those who never engaged in this Technical term for oral sex and those with more than five oral sex partners had a percent increased risk.

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Fellatio may reduce the risk of miscarriages by inducing immunological tolerance in the woman by exposure to the proteins in her partner's semen, a process known as paternal tolerance. While any exposure to a partner's semen appears to decrease a woman's chances for the various immunological disorders that can occur during pregnancy, immunological tolerance could be most quickly established through the oral introduction and Technical term for oral sex absorption of semen.

Cultural views on oral sex range from aversion to high regard. In Ancient Romefellatio was considered profoundly taboo. This is apparent in the two Latin words for the act: Under this system, it was considered to be abhorrent for a male to perform fellatio, since that would mean that he was penetrated controlledwhereas receiving fellatio from a woman or another man of lower social status such as a slave or debtor was not humiliating.

The Technical term for oral sex regarded oral sex as being far more shameful than, Technical term for oral sex example, anal sex — known practitioners were supposed to have foul breath and were often unwelcome as guests at a dinner table. In contrast to historical views on fellatio, cunnilingus is revered as a spiritually fulfilling practice in Chinese Taoismwhich regards it as having the ability to enhance longevity.

People give various reasons for their dislike of oral sex. While commonly believed that lesbian sexual practices involve cunnilingus for all women who have sex with women WSWsome have an aversion to cunnilingus due to not liking the experience or psychological or social factors, such as finding it unclean. There are many words which refer to oral sex, including euphemisms and sexual slang.

There are tons of slang...

Like all aspects of sexuality, there exists a large number of variations on a theme, a few common ones Technical term for oral sex. Other slang terms for oral sex Technical term for oral sex going down on male or femalelicking out and muff diving femaleblow job maledome male or femalesucking off maleplaying Technical term for oral sex skin flute male recipientrolling cigars male recipientlolly-gagging gay male-on-malegaining knowledge male recipient and bust down male.

Forced fellatio is often called Egyptian rape or simply Egyptian ; this goes Technical term for oral sex to the time of the Crusades Technical term for oral sex Mamluks were alleged to force their Christian captives to do this. Oral sex has been Technical term for oral sex in the animal kingdom among Technical term for oral sex species.

These bat pairs spend more time copulating if the female licks the male than if she does not.

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