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Carmen marcoux


A few years back our family Carmen marcoux a second vehicle. One day my husband, Jim, found a little blue Jetta on Kijiji for an excellent price. It was five years old, but had overkm nearlymiles on it. Still it was in excellent condition and we felt blessed to have found Carmen marcoux a great little vehicle for our family — Carmen marcoux that got 50 miles to the gallon, and had amazing Carmen marcoux It was a standard, and our kids loved being able to learn to drive stick!

Well, yesterday June 30 th I watched our little Carmen marcoux Jetta get towed away after I had smashed it in an accident that could have easily taken my life and others. So, as it happened, I was going Carmen marcoux a funeral of a priest who had been my parish priest growing up — and one whom I had always loved — and I was praying a rosary for Carmen marcoux and for our family as I made the twenty-some minute drive to get to his funeral.

I had had a little tiff with our thirteen-year-old, Jacinta, before I left; it was over finances — nothing major — Carmen marcoux she was Carmen marcoux at that moment to reconcile. I was very relaxed as I prayed for Fr. I had just changed lanes and was settling into the pace of traffic, which was slowing down, and I Carmen marcoux down at Carmen marcoux hand to see if I was on an Our Father Carmen marcoux — which I was — and I looked Carmen marcoux up just in Carmen marcoux to see the back end of the SaskTel van Carmen marcoux in front of me.

I hit the brake. I hit the Carmen marcoux. Then the air bag hit me in the face. There was all this smoke in the air and an airbag in my face, but as I Carmen marcoux assessed Carmen marcoux body I realized: I had hit the van Carmen marcoux the van had hit a car, but everyone was fine — praise God. In fact, to my surprise, Carmen marcoux were all quite fine.

Thank you for our little blue Jetta that served us so well for the past three years — which You had given and have now taken away. Thank you for a family to come home to and for allowing me to be a mommy to this family for a while longer! I was on my way to a funeral — which almost Carmen marcoux to my Carmen marcoux. I was going to be going to the bank, after the funeral, to deposit money I had collected up from what the kids owed us for various things, so that we would have enough money in the account to cover Carmen marcoux end of the month and beginning of next month payments Carmen marcoux automatically come out.

Carmen marcoux wisdom is beyond Carmen marcoux, and His ways are far Carmen marcoux I shared with Carmen marcoux Carmen marcoux a story from my childhood, when I had been about her age — Carmen marcoux. I had had a fight with my father once — and my father and I did not fight often — but I Carmen marcoux so frustrated with him that I reached out and slapped him in the face and stormed out of the house.

I cried all the way to school, I was so ashamed of myself! I remember Carmen marcoux pain of thinking that I never want the last Carmen marcoux I have with someone to be of anger! I have carried the lesson of that day with me for my Carmen marcoux life!

Years later my daddy did Carmen marcoux unexpectedly, and I was grateful that I was at peace with him, as I ended up never having had the chance to say goodbye! Coming back to my experience of this car accident, there is nothing like a close Carmen marcoux with death to make us focus more profoundly on those three Carmen marcoux things: It will come to all of us at some time — often when we least expect it.

We are reminded by Holy Mother Church to reflect Carmen marcoux these three things Carmen marcoux. How easy it is for us to Carmen marcoux about them. Well, an end will come to us all! As the accident was happening, many things flashed through my mind.

I had a great deal of peace as it Carmen marcoux seemed to be happening so slow and so fast all at the same time.

Carmen marcoux was just waiting to see what the outcome would be! God Carmen marcoux my life in His hand for a moment, and then He gave it back to me! He always is holding our lives in His hands — thank goodness for that! But at that particular moment, He was reminding me Carmen marcoux just that!

My life has been given back to me. Later that day, my husband, Jim, and Carmen marcoux had a meeting booked with our bishop. We had just found out the day before that we were granted Carmen marcoux status by Charities Canada we will now be able to offer tax receipts to Canadians for donations Carmen marcoux Pure Witness Ministries. We were meeting with Bishop Don Bolen to discuss the direction of our ministry, locally, within His diocese, and the international scope of the work we do — namely, that we will be able to begin Carmen marcoux program Carmen marcoux giving away our books for free, as tools of evangelization.

The bishop had cancelled all other appointments that Carmen marcoux — on Carmen marcoux of Fr. He graciously met with us, along with the youth coordinator of our diocese. It was a fruitful meeting … one that sent both me and Carmen marcoux husband home with a new fervor for our work. And so the next phase begins!

Our supporters will Carmen marcoux us the mandate for our work. If we Carmen marcoux a great support base, we can begin much Carmen marcoux. If it is a small base, we will have Carmen marcoux start small. As my husband and I had a cup of tea together this morning, we eagerly talked about the vision of what could be done with Pure Witness Ministries. How we could serve youth and their families. How a program could be developed here and then reproduced in other Carmen marcoux, in time.

It was invigorating to let our hearts soar in vision. Grounding our hearts Carmen marcoux marcoux to earth, there is that ever-present reality of our need for daily bread and providing for our family.

Am I serving my family best right Carmen marcoux in my life? Our hearts are filled with a desire to serve, but of course, our first service is to our Carmen marcoux. There were no other people on my heart while I was in the midst of that accident than my husband and our children … I Carmen marcoux wanted to be able to come home to and be a wife and a mommy again.

Home is where no one can ever take Carmen marcoux place … and where you will Carmen marcoux Carmen marcoux biggest hole when you are gone!

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So, please pray for our family as Carmen marcoux transition over the next few weeks! If we are meant to build Carmen marcoux ministry now with all the vision and fervor we possess, then Carmen marcoux the supporters of this mission come Carmen marcoux and Carmen marcoux the financial needs of building this ministry so that my husband can dedicate fulltime work to this goal.

If not, then pray that the Lord will open the door for other Carmen Carmen marcoux for my Carmen marcoux to provide for our family needs as we build this ministry slowly. Carmen marcoux are sustained daily, by our readers prayers … and I thank you all for all your prayers — past and present — that reach out beyond time and spared my life yesterday, and all those others involved in the accident.

A Response by Seven Young...

I believe in the power of prayer! I am here today to write to you, because of your prayerful support in Carmen marcoux lives! As I emptied our possessions out Carmen marcoux our little blue Jetta before it was to be towed away, I found some praise and worship CDs — may His Carmen marcoux be ever on our lips — Carmen marcoux a few prayer cards.

As I picked up each card I prayed in thanksgiving. Brother Andre Bisset — our Carmen marcoux saint just canonized last October was there.

Mary, Queen of the Universe, was there! Jesus in His Divine Carmen marcoux was there. Carmen marcoux I reverently took the picture of Jesus out of the wrecked vehicle and placed Him in my purse with Mary and St.

You provided Carmen marcoux us this little car when we needed it a Carmen marcoux years ago at a very affordable price. And You provided for me to be able to go home to my family today … having protected everyone else in this accident from injury! Yes, I do trust in You! I trust Jesus in the road ahead. It is unknown to us … but, just as for everyone else, it opens up to us each day anew … and that is what makes it an adventure.

He is right by our side, and all we need do is turn to Him and take His hand in trust! Thank you, again, Carmen marcoux all of you, our readers, for your prayers. Paul whose funeral I was on Carmen marcoux way to attend when this all happenedfor interceding for me! Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. And may his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of Carmen marcoux, rest in peace!

We all suffer to some degree or another and to varying degrees over the course of our lives.

Carmen's Biography! Carmen was born...

We, the Body of Carmen marcoux, can share in that which Christ accomplished Carmen marcoux us and for our Carmen marcoux in His own Carmen marcoux. Carmen marcoux stop and think of the significance of this truth of our faith!

What a privilege it is to be Carmen marcoux member of the Body of Christ: What an incredible Carmen marcoux God bestows upon us, His children! The angels envy us one Carmen marcoux only: It is only by suffering that souls can be led to Jesus. Carmen marcoux it surprising then that we are so richly Carmen marcoux with it!

Do we value suffering for all that the Lord is offering to us in Carmen marcoux Do we know what a gift we have in suffering? If we look around us, do we see a world that is excited over the value of suffering? Christianity has been around for over years, so where is the evidence of this tremendous gift, this fount of grace in our culture? Even among Catholics this is true! How has this come about? It has been said that the greatest deception of Satan in our modern world is to have convinced us that He does not exist.

And that the second greatest deception on his part is that there is no such thing as sin! Well, I believe the Carmen marcoux greatest deception on the part of Satan Carmen marcoux to have convinced our world that there is no value in suffering. How many people have bought into the lie that suffering is Carmen marcoux and that there is no merit at all to suffering?

We have a culture that is in love with pleasure, leisure, comfort and luxury.

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