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Sbc starter hookup


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This is so super simple...

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Super Sbc starter hookup SBC starter wiring? Thread starter atomicjoe23 Start date Mar 20, This is so super simple that I'm almost embarrased to ask. I've replaced my fair share of starters, but honestly I've never paid much attention to them. I just make sure that I put the wires Sbc starter hookup the new starter where they came off the old starter. Can someone help me out with wiring up the starter correctly. I'm pretty sure the starter solenoid power wire and the positive batter cable go to the large center terminal on the starter, and then the Sbc starter hookup negative battery cable goes to ground on the engine and the small negative battery cable goes to ground on the body.

I'm also pretty sure the ignition start switch wire goes to the terminal on Sbc starter hookup driver's side of the starter, but I'm Sbc starter hookup positive.

Just wanna make sure I've got the wires going to the correct terminals and that I'm not missing a ground connection somewhere. Yes the big batt cable goes to the big post on the solenoid, Sbc starter Sbc starter hookup with a pair of 10 gauge wires on a ring terminal.

Those wires go back to the alternator and Sbc starter hookup fuse panel. Older starter solenoids also have two small terminals. The pass Sbc starter hookup small terminal is for the start wire from Sbc starter hookup key.

I have a Chevy with...

The driver side small terminal is left over Sbc starter hookup the points ignition days. It was for a wire that sent batt current up to the ignition coil to bypass Sbc starter hookup ballast resistor, resulting in a hotter spark when cranking the engine. Its no longer needed with hei and other electronic ignitions, but solenoids with both terminals are still pretty common. As you can guess the 10 gauge wires are way too small to properly handle the alternator output and current draw from a big stereo Sbc starter hookup offroad lights.

If you can wait until monday I will scan a sketch of a better way to wire that stuff. Zambo Well-Known Member Mar 21, I've Sbc starter hookup that the solenoid can be installed differently on some models so I'd check the small posts for a stamp. I believe that the one for the starter is stamped with an S.

The alt and starter circuit wiring on 70's chevys is pathetic. The 6 Sbc starter hookup alternator output wire is Sbc Sbc starter hookup hookup for up to amps, use a 4 ga for up to Note also the field current wire - its just a 10 gauge loop from the output terminal to the field input.

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With the big wire to the batt connection, the field gets a more accurate sense of batt voltage, so everything works better. You can leave the idiot light wire from the alt to the cab, but you are better off with Sbc starter hookup good voltage gauge to keep track of alt output. Running the cab circuit Sbc starter hookup off the firewall terminal instead of the sol keeps them away from the exhaust and makes starter service easier.

A key detail is the amp fuse on the ground wire. This could save your life in the event of a bad crash other cause of Sbc starter hookup short on a heavy battery cable. Thanks for the diagram ScottM!!! You must log in or register to reply here.

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