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Will destiny raids have matchmaking


Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Feedback Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2. This idiocy is killing your game. It is damn near Will destiny raids have matchmaking to get a nightfall or raid group because YOU chose to make the community toxic by letting people only take people with high light.

Even with guided games people can't help unless Will destiny raids have matchmaking Will destiny raids have matchmaking a clanmate.

This is sheer stupidity. Sticking with this no matchmaking crap is either Will destiny raids have matchmaking, arrogance or stupidity.

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I have never been so disappointed with a developer or game I was excited for in my life. This thread has been moved to Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in. Comment Reply Start Topic.

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Doing a Will destiny raids have matchmaking with people from a clan can be a challenge, doing a raid with randoms with no mic is inconceivable. I agree with matchmaking for nightfalls though. I don't see an issue with optional matchmaking for the raid. If players want to be matched up with who knows what to try and complete the raid, I see no reason not to let them.

The NF is pretty much Will destiny raids have matchmaking no-brainer for having it, since it's Will destiny raids have matchmaking a "harder" strike anyways. Others have replied many times, "Use LFG". Will destiny raids have matchmaking, they could do that, but you don't always get into a group that way. More often than not, LFG posts have requirements for what they are looking for in a player. Will destiny raids have matchmaking optional, random MM, the people that choose to use it could at least get into it as group and try it.

Maybe they figure things out, maybe they don't, but at least they get to try it. Maybe someone starts a party and they all join and communicate.

Maybe someone takes on the Will destiny raids have matchmaking role. Maybe they all become friends and start their own clan. Could all the "bad" things people have said happen?

But that's the risks someone takes in using the optional mm. The same dumb things can happen in mm Will destiny raids have matchmaking the strikes playlist, it just has less impact Will destiny raids have matchmaking Will destiny raids have matchmaking the raid.

The only negative I could see with optional mm. Say the team manages to get further into Will destiny raids have matchmaking raid then any of the naysayers here seem to think. Then someone drops, or gets kicked or whatever and then a different random Will destiny raids have matchmaking gets put in and they get any rewards for anything that is completed.

That would kind of suck. Will destiny raids have matchmaking dont want to sit in the raid for hours waiting on u to figure it out. Will destiny raids have matchmaking problem with adding matchmaking even if they did it right and made it OPTIONAL is that you would comeback in and make a post bitching about getting matched up with people. Chances are that you'd get matched up with plenty people like me. I haven't watched any raid vids and don't know much about it.

I wouldn't mind doing it though. IF optional mm were added for Raids, I would watch enough vids to have a little clue about Will destiny raids have matchmaking to handle it.

Plenty of others would see an opportunity to easily get into a Raid team and have absolutely no clue and wouldn't bother with vids. That is one place I simply do not see mm being a viable thing. Yeah, I could see optional mm for that. Please don't ever do that. I don't want to be matched Will destiny raids have matchmaking randoms, that's what LFG is for Will destiny raids have matchmaking I can vet who the person is before I accept playing with them.

They do NOT have to offer match making, even though every multi player game ever released does. They do NOT have to care about disgruntled customers, they do NOT have to care about traditionally laid out gaming caveats and they do NOT have to care about us at all.

They are the all powerful creators of the once mighty Halo franchise! Thank God Microsoft was there to save them from themselves. Just group up with whoever Will destiny raids have matchmaking go. It should have been in since day one the key to making it acceptable is to make it optional in your settings. Many players do not want optional matchmaking because it offends their false sense of superiority.

They don't like the idea of just anyone being able to play end game content. How can they feel special if just any ol random can jump in and play the raid? And Bungie, by not allowing optional matchmaking, reinforces this elitism that is a driving forse behind some of the toxicity in the community. I agree, they need to make it an " option". For those that don't want to risk getting an incompetent or deliberately disruptive player on their team Take their own premade team.

There is Will destiny raids have matchmaking good argument against this. Add match making to everything. People saying this or that is impossible with a set of newly met randoms, so what? If you have a set fireteam, good for you. Let others play the game how they want. Also, not much difference between a set of randoms picked on the fly by the game or a set of randoms Will destiny raids have matchmaking took an hour to assemble via forums, lfg, whatnot. Allow players to communicate as much as possible in your supposed "social" game.

People aren't stupid and don't need your help in steering in who they can and can't talk to. Give them a kill button to end communication Will destiny raids have matchmaking there when things get bad, but let them use it at their disposal. Lol some people just want to argue no matter what. That means you don't have to use it. So why would you be against something that wouldn't effect you but might make the game more enjoyable for others?

If players want to hook up with randoms for nightfall or Trials, why not? The raid however, would be disastrous in most circumstances, but hey, why not give players the freedom to bash their controllers into the TV if they want to? The nightfalls in D1 had a learning curve, but that would be overcome fairly quickly.

Nightfalls in D2, in all of Destiny since the timer was introduced, are a joke. Shooting shiny objects that have zero connection to the narrative of the strikes, coupled with a timer with no explained reason as to why the boss Will destiny raids have matchmaking to be defeated in under X amount of time, coupled with the continued absence of matchmaking, and now nightfall exclusive gear?

Solo players have gotten the metaphorical finger once again.

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TL;DR- Bungie forces players into fireteams and denies solo players yet again. Will destiny raids have matchmaking what if it is? That should be my choice not Bungies. At the very least Will destiny raids have matchmaking us optional matchmaking for the normal nightfall.

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That is easy to do with randoms and without a mic. Not adding optional matchmaking is arrogant and Will destiny raids have matchmaking. The game will still suck. Why is guided games still in beta six months in?

Prestige it's better to get two like minded. Raids they would have to scale it all down so it relies less on mechanics and more on just killing waves of enemies. They could add mechanics but it would have to apply to everyone so there isn't pairs or groups having to do different things which require communication. They can always have a prestige version with mechanics for man made teams.

Tough call but Will destiny raids have matchmaking get your anger. Guided games just hasn't shaped up to what it was meant to be. It was more of a way of bolstering their raid and regular nightfall participation stats.

And as we all know they are not good. Tell me, who would you rather be raiding with? Someone at nearly max power level, with multiple raid completions, a mic, and the necessary time set aside to play the raid to completion. Or, someone like me, who hasn't yet completed a raid, is the bare-minimum level requirement for getting into the raid, no mic, looking Will destiny raids have matchmaking a swift first completion and will leave after the first signs of difficulty so that I can further clog up the matchmaking trying to find a better team to carry me to Will destiny raids have matchmaking loot.

Because only one type of person is going to be using that matchmaking, and it won't be the one who's actually serious about getting it done. You are calling Bungie ignorant yet you haven't even Will destiny raids have matchmaking about the problems with just adding general matchmaking. Its not as easy as flipping a switch, also you say this now but if they did add it you would hate it because of how crappy it would be.

LFGs and Guided Games are really the only stable platforms to look for raid groups, I am fine with matchmaking Will destiny raids have matchmaking the Nightfall but for raids just slumping 6 randoms together wouldn't work. Problematic people you would come across in the raid Rando teams just don't work for raids.

It explains the problem far better than I can. I am over the age of AGE.

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